UV Equip Downloads - Brochures and Instructions

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Air Sterilizers:

Sani 18 Brochure

Sani 55 Brochure

Sani 220 Brochure

Sani Disc Brochure

Globe Replacement - Sani 18/55/220

Globe Replacement - Sani Disc

Installation Instructions for the Sani Disc

Bike Lights:

Battery Care Instructions

MagicShine MJ-808E 4 Mode Instructions

MagicShine MJ-818 Tail Light Instructions

Wide Angle Lens Instructions

Counterfeit Note Detectors:
DT4W Brochure BT6W Brochure BTC12W Brochure
BTC8W Brochure BTC18WM Brochure BTC18WM2 Brochure
  BTC24W Brochure CR6W Brochure
Star 2028 Brochure D106 Brochure DL1007 Brochure

Globe Replacement Instructions - BTC12W

9 LED Torch 365nm

4 Watt Cree LED UV Torch 365nm

4 Watt Torch 365nm

21 LED Torch 395nm


X-Ray Viewing Boxes:

Instructions for Mounting the X-Ray Box